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Digital tools gain acceptance in primary and secondary schools, but yet to pick up in colleges and universities. Improvements in infrastructure, electricity and bandwidth access along with funding will be required to drive growth in the long term.

To cater to the school students’ needs, Digital technology in India has been evolving over the last few years, changing the way students learn concepts in school. The traditional chalk and talk method has paved the way for more interactive teaching methods as schools are increasingly adopting digital solutions to keep themselves abreast with the technological changes. As the current generation of students is well-versed with laptops, i-pads, and smartphones, these innovative methods of teaching guarantee more participation from students.

Education providers such as Educomp, Tata Class Edge, Pearson, and TeachNext have been coming up with interactive software to aid teachers in classroom teaching. However, usage of digital technologies in institutes of higher education is still in its nascent stages and efforts are being made to fine-tune these technologies to adapt to the needs of University students. In short, content development is yet to mature in colleges and universities across India.

Training The Teachers for Digital Teaching

Frost & Sullivan found through its conversations with school heads and professors that there are varying degrees of comfort among educators with respect to use of technology. Leveraging such tools requires specific training and orientation in not just the application of curriculum in digital formats, but also other related tasks, such as evaluation, peer feedback, group project work, and so on.

Primarily Digital Education has 3 components:

1. The content
2. The technology platforms
3. The delivery infrastructure



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