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South West University

(Pre University Courses, (Senior & Secondary Education)

(Running under Indian Education ACT, HRD. GOVT, Recognised& ,ISO)

SWU Pre University Courses

South West University Pre University Courses, (Senior & Secondary Education)
(Running under Indian Education ACT, HRD. GOVT, Recognised& ISO)

SWU Pre University Courses of Senior Secondary Education is a self autonomous , Independent Board run & managed by The Council of Basic and Technical Education , which is established vide Act xxxxx for vocational and educational society/trust for the poor and Disadvantaged group as as street children, working children, rural women and physically challenged. Its registration no. is xxx . IT IS AN ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED ORGANISATION. It has been constituted to regulate non formal Primary, Middle, Matriculation (10th), Senior Secondary (12th) education and other vocational courses (Under Self Employment Education Scheme) in India. With the help of educational experts to educate uneducated boys, girls, men and women for upliftment of the literacy in India. So that they can serve society effectively and with dignity. Board may impart education with international techniques and with stress on moral, mental, physical and social personality.

Like all educational boards/Universities ours is also an autonomous body. Each educational organization acts on its own discretionary powers. According to these powers every board / university / state Govts. / Central Govt. of India has the liberty and right to take its own decision either to allow or refuse any admission / service. But we do our best to make success the non formal education programme. All the education programme run by the board is board's own autonomous education programme. Legality, Validity, Utility of the education programme is strict conformity with the constitution of India and law of the land under Article 19(1)G, 29 & 30.

South West University Pre University Courses of Secondary and Senior Secondary Education is an autonomous independent and Non-Governmental Board for the conduct of Secondary and Senior Secondary School Examination, providing an alternative to choose from either Government aided Boards or a Non-Government independent Autonomous Body. The Board aims to provide education to all children, especially to those in rural and remote areas, at least up to the Senior Secondary level. It is further submitted that the Board is a private initiative for the establishment of a Non-Government Board for conducting 10thand 12thCommon Examination for students studying in schools affiliated and likely to be affiliated by Delhi Board of Secondary and Senior Secondary Education.

Private education is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing segments of post-secondary education at the turn of the twenty -first century. A combination of unprecedented demand for access to higher education and the inability or unwillingness of government to provide the necessary support has brought private higher education to the forefront. Private institutions with a long history in many countries, are expanding in scope and number, and are becoming increasingly important in parts of the world that relied almost entirely on the public sector.

Not only has demand overwhelmed the ability of the governments to provide education, there has also been a significant change in the way that higher education is perceived. The idea of an academic degree as a "private good" that benefits the individual rather than a "public good" for society is now widely (sic). The logic of today's economics and an ideology of privatization have contributed to the resurgence of private higher education, and the establishing of private institutions where none or very few existed before.

The right to establish and administer broadly comprises of the following rights:-

  1. to admit students
  2. to set up a reasonable fee structure;
  3. to constitute a governing body;
  4. to appoint staff (teaching and non-teaching); and
  5. to take action if there is dereliction of duty on the part of any employees.

University Education Commission was appointed on 4th November, 1948. The terms of reference, inter alia, included matters relating to means and objects of university education and research in India and maintenance of higher standards of teaching and examination in universities and colleges under their control. In the report submitted by this commission, in paras 29 and 31, it referred to autonomy in education which reads as follows.


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